2024 Uniforms

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Ashland Youth Lacrosse is pleased to announce our new partnership with Stoller Sports as our official provider of AYL uniforms for our boys and girls classic teams.  We're incredibly happy to announce our uniforms will be getting a fresh new look created by a local company.

I'm sure you've got questions, but before you ask - we probably have answers:

  • Will you still be providing loaner uniforms?  We will not.  Like many programs, we are moving to a fully outsourced uniform supply model via Stoller.  You will need to order your uniform (pinnie and shorts) directly from Stoller.  After your first purchase, you can order pinnies and shorts separately as your child grows!
  • Who should be ordering uniforms?  For the 2023 season, all players on Classic (travel) teams from Grade 1 - Grade 6 are required to order a new uniform.  Grades that should NOT order: Boys K/1 (First Year), Girls K, and Grade 7 & 8 players (boys/girls).
  • What size should I order?  If you would like to try on a sample uniform, AYL will be at the library from 6-8pm on Thurs, Jan. 26th and Thursday, Feb. 2nd. There is also a sizing chart available to view after you click on the garment piece you want.  
  • Can my child get the number they want?  Possibly.  When ordering your uniform you will be asked to enter your top 5 choices, please enter those and you will be assigned what is available.  To avoid duplicate #'s - please pick your child's number based on their graduation year:
    Even years = even numbers
    Odd years = odd numbers
    For example, if your child is class of 2031 your number choice is limited to ODD NUMBERS.  Once selected your child can keep that number throughout their AYL career!
  • When should I order?  ASAP.  The link is provided below!
  • Do they have stuff other than uniforms?  YES!  Check it out!
  • I'd like to get my son or daughter a shooter shirt, should I do that now?  We recommend you wait until getting number confirmation before ordering additional numbered attire. 
  • Is there a minimum order?  You MUST order a uniform and a pair of shorts.  Anything else after that is up to you.
  • What about practice pinnies?  Fear not, we got those!
  • So I have to pay additional now for a uniform?  Yes, this is in addition to registration.  Outsourcing uniforms will allow us to better manage registration costs in the future as the replenishment of a full kit of loaner uniforms is quite costly to the league.  Ashland Youth Lacrosse continues to have one of the lowest sports registration fees in town and against neighboring lacrosse programs.  If the uniform cost is a hardship for your family, please reach out to ashlandyouthlacrosse@gmail.com to take advantage of our assistance programs.

We are incredibly excited for our new season and our "new look" for Ashland Youth Lacrosse!

Online ordering is open NOW - so CLICK HERE and we recommend to ensure plenty of lead time, have your order into Stoller no later than February 5th!  Let's go Clockers!